Ella Salome

Writer, artist and creative facilitator.

My name is Ella Salome. I’m primarily a writer at the moment, but I love to create music and visual art as well. I have an academic background in Professional Writing, Memoir and Feminist Literary Critique. I have an ongoing interest in the experiences people have within relationships of all kinds. I enjoy subversive writing, trying to find new perspectives on my queerness and femininity, among other things. I often explore these topics in creative memoir or personal essay format. I’m also a fiction writer. I love fantasy, science fiction and magic realism. I think that stories are a major part of the human psyche, and I’m fascinated by the incredible array of ways we tell them. To read my work, including my recently released collection of memoir vignettes Still Here: Memoirs of Feminine Friendship, see Writing.

I grew up in a small town called Bethanga, in rural Victoria, and my country upbringing surfaces in the scenery of my stories a lot. I still love the outdoors; I doubt I’ll ever stop quietly missing the Murray River every city-bound summer. I’ve been based in Melbourne for a decade now, and continue to live and write here.

I’ve been teaching writing in different forms since 2015, beginning as the Editor in Chief of Hyde Magazine, through to my role as a Writing Mentor for Victoria University and onwards into the personal sphere where I facilitate writing workshops based on my own methods. I love to teach and share in the joy of writing. Keep track of what I’m up to by reading my latest Posts or the Workshop & Teaching page.

Please feel free to contact me about my writing and my workshops. I’m community minded, I love to connect with other writers and artists. I’m also always happy to discuss potential collaborations, and I’d love to join in on writer’s festivals, events, or any other artistic opportunities.

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