Sci-fi Short Story: A Small Mercy

The sirens were screaming like a choir of banshees, drilling their urgent message into every available ear. Governor Bright Armitage took several deep breaths before carefully typing in her access code. She shut down each siren individually, gently re-immersing the prison in an uneasy silence. She turned from her desktop console to face the uniformed man who waited tensely behind her.

Short story ‘Old Man’s Head’ coming out soon!

My short story Old Man’s Head is set to come out on April 18th. Issue 1 of Curiouser Magazine, which features the story, is available to order online now. Old Man’s Head is a dark family drama which plays out in a rural setting. It’s a tense read, with hints of surrealism. There will beContinue reading “Short story ‘Old Man’s Head’ coming out soon!”